I would like some advice about troubleshooting the OCI8 Oracle driver. Here are our specs: Sun Server 420R, Solaris 8, Oracle 8i, Jdb 1.3, Weblogic 6. We have our JavaBeans communicating with our server through OCI driver and it was working wonderfully. Then we rebuilt our structure on a new sun server (from an ultra) and now our application hangs after hitting the database a few times. It will hang within 10 to 20 transactions. I believe the problem may be with Oracle (maybe a setting not set correctly) and not the application because it doesn't consistantly hang on specific transactions (either types or number of transactions). Plus it worked before and their hasn't been changes to the app. The OCI driver looks like it is installed correctly and the supplied samles programs tell me it is installed correctly. While monitoring the activity I see that the processes become active and just stay active, and no other processes appear to be blocking it. I am new to this world and am unsure of how to go about troublshooting my problem.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts