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Thread: How to Determine the Oracle Products installed on unix server

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    How to Determine the Oracle Products That Have Been Installed on Unix server..


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    If its database there will be an entry in the oratab. If other products, easiest way to determine the products on the server is use unix 'find xxxx' command, where xxxx is the product executable name.

    read manual pages on using find command typing in 'man find' at the prompt.

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    well, the oratab is not that useful, I wouldn't rely on it ...

    to see if an instance is running, you can :
    ps -ef | grep -v grep | grep pmon
    if a database ORCL (for example) is running, you will have a process called ora_pmon_ORCL

    you can check, using the same command, if a listener is running, just replace pmon by tnslsnr

    if you find nothing like that, you are sure that no instance is running, but is Oracle installed ???

    you can look in the /etc/passwd file for a user named oracle or oracle8 or oracle73 (or whatever your sys admin wanted), if the user exists, then there is a good chance that Oracle is installed !

    if you can login as root, issue a su - [oracle_user], then you can check the environment of this user to see what is declared :

    env | grep -i ora

    should give you ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID, and your search is over

    if there is no user obviously created to be owner of Oracle, then THE command for you is :

    find / -name oracle -exec ls -la {} \; 2>/dev/null

    which will just search for a file named oracle and will issue a ls -la of this file ...

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    You can try...

    select * from sys.v_$version;

    hope this is what you are looking for...

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    I guess you are looking for OH$/orainst/unix.rgs
    which contains all oracle products you are installed.

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