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Thread: new dba routine

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    I got to the point where I don't have urgent problems with my db. I think we got a lot of problems under control(space management and allocation next extents).
    Now I am wondering what else I can be doing and checking to get my database in a helphier mode.
    Expirienced dba's, please let me know what rouitine maintenance tasks you perform or what would be some of the other things I can work on.
    Thank you.

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    Every day I check basic tuning parameters like buffer cache hit ratio, library cache hit ratio, etc, and also I check for tablespaces running out of room, objects which are unable to extend, tablespace fragmentation, and things like this.
    Also, I check alert logs for errors. Some of these things actually get checked more than once a day...

    Once a week I run a script which does an 'alter index blah validate structure' to check for indexes which are ready for a rebuild, and I rebuild the onces that need it.

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    Oh yeah, for the databases that are using the COST based optimizer, I gather statistics on my tables periodically (more often for changing databases, less often for those that don't change so much)

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