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Thread: What is OCI? error help please

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    What is OCI ?
    This is a text from one of our customer they are using Oracle 8i. I think 8.1.6.

    This particular script has run many times before and after the error

    Invalid Read: Possible SQL Error

    Invalid Read: Possible SQL Error

    Error executing the main reads for the display of a page.

    For page:

    Resulting in error message: Attempt to read the database
    was unsuccessful

    SQL command executed: SELECT mwebWork.Work_ID, mwebWork.Work_Item_Code,
    mwebWork.Work_Description, mwebWork.Work_Creator_ID,
    mwebWork.Work_Int_Ext5, mwebWork.Work_Int_Ext6, mwebWork.Work_Text_Ext3,
    mwebWork.Work_Create_Date, mwebWork.Work_Status FROM mwebWork WHERE
    Work_Entity_Type=6 and Work_Create_Date between to_date('16-Mar-2001',
    'DD-MON-YYYY') And to_date('14-Apr-2001', 'DD-MON-YYYY') And
    (Work_Creator_ID=21145 or Work_Text_Ext3 IN (select Res_Code from
    mwebRes where Res_ID=21145)) AND Work_Status in (10, 30) ORDER BY
    Work_Create_Date DESC

    Error Code SQL or AFX: -1

    ORA-24357: internal error while converting
    from to OCIDate.

    Why would they get this error only once ?


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    In the Oracle 8i Error Messages handbook, it says to contact Oracle support when encountering this error.

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