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Thread: What happens with System tablespace

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    Jan 2001
    I have a oracle 8.0.5 test instance on nt m/c.
    It had about 30 test databases(users).
    My system tablespace was full so instead of adding one more datafile to system tablespace or increasing its size.
    I decided to drop these users. I did drop about 10 users.

    I did this:
    drop user u1 cascade;
    drop tablespace t1 including contents; ( for that user)

    then repeated this for all users that I wanted to drop.

    I went in explorer and surprised to see some of the datafiles which belonged to users that I had dropped still there !
    Why would this happen. I was able to manually delete those but wouldn't including contents supposed to delete datafiles.
    (Some of the datafiles were deleted but not all).

    Was my drop statement incorrect ?

    Then I did
    alter tablespace system colasce;

    but still my system tablespace was full, why ?

    What is stored in system tablesapce, doesn't it store indexes, if so why was that space not release after I dropped some users.

    I even rebooted my test server. But nothing changed.

    Any help please



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    Hi sonali,

    You have to manually delete the physical datafiles !

    And after deleting users, you'll not actually acquire
    the free space immediately.

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    Dropping tablespace deletes the information of tablespace from controlfile and dictionary.
    At the OS level , u have to do it manually.

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