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Thread: Monitoring snapshots

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    Hello All;

    I have a replicated a database and all the snapshots in that database gets refreshed every 5 mins.

    I was wandering if there is a way to keep monitoring if any of the refresh job is broken ? Are there any scripts available to do this ? We do not use OEM.

    Thanks for your help.

    Happy coding.

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    I believe the snapshot log keeps record of this.

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    I thought snapshot logs are only on the source database. Not the destination DB.

    Will the snapshot logs in the source DB take care of this ?

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    one answer

    If you want to check to see if a job is broken query dba_jobs.
    select job, broken,failures from dba_jobs; . You can put this into a script and run a cron job (if on unix) to run every 10 minutes. Snapshots allow 16 errors before becoming broken.
    We use TCL/Tk for alot of stuff that we monitor since the army is too cheap to buy us and even allow us to use OEM for anything. Yet they spend $50 on a hammer. Anyway snapshot logs are just for data having nothing to do with keeping track of the job being broken or not. If machine B creates a snapshot newstuff as select * from username.tablename@mastermachine_db.world;
    Then machine B has snapshot logs and mastermachine will have mlog$ tables. It would help to know more about if you are on unix or nt....


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