I have a qestion that is probably simple but have not found the answer. We have 1 master server running Oracle 7.3.2 and 46 client sites also running Oracle 7.3.2. My boss asked me if snapshots write to the redo logs or the rollback segements. I honestly do not know. I am in the Army and the only training I have is from the 15-20 books I have bought. I have been doing this for about 1.5 years. I have been unable to find anything in writing stating that when snapshots run they write to either the redo logs or the rollback segments. Can anyone help me to better understand what happens when a snapshot kicks off? I know it looks at the MLOG$ table/tables and it records information into the SNAP$ table. Then it grabs the changes, records them in the SNAP$ table and inserts/updates/deletes the information into the appropriate table for the snapshot. Since it is doing DML I would assume that it would be recorded in the rollback segment, and maybe the redo logs. After the snapshot is run does it automatically do a commit? I am asking because my boss wants to know if we can use no logging on the snapshots (which I do not believe we can) to reduce the rollback usage. The operating system is Solaris 2.5.1 if you need to know. Thanks