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Thread: designer 6i tutorial

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    san jose
    after i successfully install designer 6i, i need to import
    tutorial , what i did is create a new user named Jim,
    and then use that user to open "Repository Administration Utility" , and then press "import" to import file /ctutx72/tutapsys.dmp.
    it failed because some sdd_ table not found,
    i figure out that all those sdd_ table is belong to
    user Repos_Owner, but i don't want use repos_owner to import tutorial, so what should i do now?

    question 2.
    is "import" in "Repository Administration Utility" exactly
    the same thing as the imp utility?
    if that's true, can i simple use imp utility to import the dmp file instead of use "Repository Administration Utility" ?

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    Sorry this is not the answer to your problem, but just wanted to let you know of a bug.
    Are you using versioning? I just found a bug #1677397 that won't let you import the tutorial without versioning (import fails). Support suggested since we were new to leave versioning off for awhile. Oracle says this bug will be fixed in Designer 6i, release 3, due in April.

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