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Thread: Is there a book on UNIX Shell Programming Tailored for Oracle DBA?

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    Oct 2000
    Any suggestions on a good Unix Shell book not just for Unix Admin, but targeted to DBAs? Also, if that is not possible to find, any suggestions to a good book that teaches unix shell programming?

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    Feb 2001
    Any Suggestion Please.
    I am also looking for Good Book to Learn Unix that is enough to work with Oracle.. Like Oracle for Unix or Oracle DBA in Unix etc.

    Please advise.. Thanks

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    To my knowledge, there are no specific books that had been tailored yet for Oracle. But the normal unix shell scripting books are way good enough, to take you to through the shell scripting. Get your self familiar with, awk, sed, and regular shell manipulation commands. Then the rest you would pick uo on your way up the ladder.

    Good luck

    Life is a journey, not a destination!

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    I heard that - UNIX for Programmers and Users (by Graham Glass) is a good book. I haven't checked it out yet. Check out:

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    Talking here's one

    There is a book called:
    "Unix for Oracle DBAs" from O'Reilly by Donald K. Burleson.

    which I found to be quite useful.

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    My 2 cents worth.

    I've tried several books on Unix shell scripting:

    UNIX Shell Programming
    Stephen Kochan and Patrick Wook
    Hayden Books

    UNIX Shells by Example
    Ellie Quigley
    Prentice Hall

    A Practical Guide to the Unix System
    Mark Sobell
    Benjamin Cummings

    I would personally rate these as OK for the Quigley book, Good for the Kochan book and Very Good for the Sobell book. Your mileage may vary since everyone has different needs they are trying to satisfy in different time frames. I'm still looking for a good book with advanced scripting hints/techniques.

    As a previous poster noted, "shell scripting" books by themselves will not exploit what Unix has to offer. The power in Unix is in combining powerful commands (like awk, sed and grep) to achieve a result, which can then be easily repeated by wrapping it in a shell script.


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    the same book but for Nt

    I've been looking for the same type of book/reference but for NT. I am looking for NT administration commands related to dba.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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