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Thread: Job of a DBA ... Routine Work?

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    Most of you in this Forum are DBA's and Some of you of course are Senior DBA's I have very simple Question but very Important for me.

    What are the Jobs and Function of a Typical DBA? What kind of Routine works are there. and What a DBA should do when he or she gets in Office.

    Please describe me the Duties and Responsibilities of Any DBA like Monitoring Listener, Users, Checking Log Files etc.

    Please provide me Details for This.

    I'll be very Thanks ful to you all Guys.

    Thanks in Advance..
    The Great Certified DBA in Oracle 8i

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    Any Response, Please spare some Time to Give me some of the Details... All of you are DBA's.

    The Great Certified DBA in Oracle 8i

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    Here is a list of typical DBA responsibilities:

    Installation, configuration and upgrading of Oracle server software and related products

    Evaluate Oracle features and Oracle related products

    Establish and maintain sound backup and recovery policies and procedures

    Take care of the Database design and implementation

    Implement and maintain database security (create and maintain users and roles, assign privileges)

    Perform database tuning and performance monitoring

    Perform application tuning and performance monitoring

    Setup and maintain documentation and standards

    Plan growth and changes (capacity planning)

    Work as part of a team and provide 7x24 support when required

    Perform general technical trouble shooting and give consultation to development teams

    Interface with Oracle Corporation for technical support.

    Monitor alert logs, trace files, listener logs, etc.

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