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Thread: Default Data for Column Question

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    Hi Folks,

    Can I define a default value for a column based on a column value in another table? eg. alter table product modify location_id (default select location_id from user_listing where product.user_id = user_listing.user_id). Thanks for the help.

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    NO, you can't.
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    You *might* be able to do that with a "before insert" trigger. The problem I used to always run into with triggers was the "mutating table" error, but I could usually work around it.


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    macswell is right, you can do it if you use the before insert trigger. Just remember that you cannot do a select on the table that the trigger is on or even selects on that table in a roundabout way (does an insert on another table that selects from the original).

    To get the default value, the query would be like:

    select location_id
    into :new.user_id
    from user_listing
    :new.user_id = user_listing.user_id

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