ORA-00022 error when using Instance Manager

rowland jeff


Mar, 21 2001

Presently running some contractor supplied applications on a Windows NT server using Oracle
8.0.5. Contractor software has not be ported to
run on Oracle version greater than 8.0.5

Per Oracle support suggestion applied patch to correct some
bugs. Am now getting a ORA-00022 - Invalid Session ID error whenever
try to Use Instance Manager using the 'internal' login name.

I am able to login as 'sys' and 'system' but am unable to do
anything as all the button ie shutdown, mount, open etc are
greyed out.

I am able to use svrmgr30 to login as internal and work ok.

Am unable to use any of Enterprise Manager Programs with the 'internal' login.

Did reintall Enterprise manager software. Did not correct the problem.

Any thought on how might fix.