I got the following message when starting EM.
I have two databases. GTST for test and GAMS for production. Everything is working well on GTST, but not on GAMS.
I already deleted table/view SMP_VAR_LIST_DATABASES_ but this does not help.
I also changed the sql-scripts : renamed the names into .....2 but this does not help either. In fact I have the idea that the script is not used because the errormessage is still without ...2.

XP-64792: The GAMS repository schema was previously corrupted during a repository operation on behalf of product Enterprise Manager.

XP-64793: The error text that left the repository in a corrupt state is as follows:XP-21016: A database error has occurred:create table SMP_VAR_LIST_DATABASES_
)ORA-00955: name is already used by an existing object

XP-21031: An error occurred while processing file C:\ORANT\sysman\admin\smpup150.sql