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Thread: Oracle8 versions

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    Are there different flavors of Oracle 8?? Oracle8i vs. Regular Oracle8??

    If so, can an App that runs on Regular Oracle8 run on Oracle8i without any changes or are there specific changes that need to be considered for Oracle8i??

    Any help would be most appreciated.

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    Yes, there are different flavors of Oracle. However, Oracle 8 and Oracle 8i are just different versions of the same product. (Oracle 8 is 8.0.x and Oracle 8i is 8.1.x).

    There is a whitepaper somewhere on the Oracle websites (metalink/technet/oracle.com that I can't remember) that explains the difference between Oracle 8i Standard and Oracle 8i Enterprise that is called "Oracle 8i: A Family of Database Products". Also, you can look at [url]http://www.oracle.com/ip/deploy/database/availability/[/url] for some general guidelines about the product lines.
    Jeff Hunter

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