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Thread: how to store bigdecimal

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    is there any way to insert
    insert into a(bigdecimal,doubleobject)

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    ***quote from Oracle Reference
    The NUMBER datatype stores fixed and floating-point numbers. Numbers of virtually any magnitude can be stored and are guaranteed portable among different systems operating Oracle, up to 38 digits of precision.

    The following numbers can be stored in a NUMBER column:
    - positive numbers in the range 1 x 10(-130) to 9.99..9 x 10(125) - with up to 38 significant digits
    - negative numbers from -1 x 10(-130) to 9.99..99 x 10(125) - with up to 38 significant digits

    This means you can store any *miningfull* number in Oracle!
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    If you need to store numbers that large you can do so by treating them as VARCHAR2 in the database.

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