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Thread: the real utility of coalse

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    i heard that it's not necessary to coalsce free space cause when oracle need to make an extend he will do the colasce at this time

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    oracle will automatically colasece free space only under certain conditions

    like when the pctincrease paarmeter is set to 1 then smon wll automatically do that for you.

    or for that matter you have expplicitly enabled the event of colasceing.

    else you gotta fall back on issuing this command manually like alter tablesapce tablespace_name colasece.

    hope this helps

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    Quoted from Oracle documentation 8.1.6

    If Oracle does not find an equal or larger set of contiguous data blocks, it coalesces any free, adjacent data blocks in the corresponding tablespace to form larger sets of contiguous data blocks. (The SMON background process also periodically coalesces adjacent free space.) After coalescing a tablespace's data blocks, Oracle performs the searches described in 1a and 1b again.

    So basically Oracle now coalesce the extents automatically

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