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Thread: SQLLDR

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    Can Sql*Loader be invoked from within a program rather than through SQL*PLUS?


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    Sure, just type in sqlldr (plus whatever parameters you want) from a command prompt.

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    Hi CBW

    Sql*Loader can be invoked from within a pl\sql program! a few months ago i myself have posted a thread in this forum about this more then 6 monthes ago. in the end i had no need to operate an Sql*Loader from pl\sql so i have no code to show and i can not remember how it was doen

    i lookd at the archive and could not find the thread. but, as far as i remember you need to look at dbms_job (and i hope it is not absoulot nonsens...)



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    Yes. I recently wrote an application which calls SQLLDR from VB Script in an Access application. My app accepts some input from users, outputs data to a text file and loads into Oracle using SQLLDR.

    I suppose I could have used ODBC, but I had a short timeline and tons to do.

    here's the code:

    Shell ("e:\oracle\ora81\bin\sqlldr.exe user/pwd@dbname control=d:\development\test\sqlldr\test.ctl data=d:\development\test\test.txt")

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