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Thread: tamilselvan -Starting from 8i, an index on PK is not mandatory.

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    Hi Tamilselvan

    Starting from 8i, an index on PK is not mandatory.

    Does it work same as normal primary key ?
    What is the synetx of creating this kind of PK ?
    Will it work on Oracle8i workgroup also ?

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    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by anujpathak [/i]
    [B]Hi Tamilselvan

    Starting from 8i, an index on PK is not mandatory.

    Can you elaborate this? AFAIK, Oracle still enforces PK and UK constraints *only* by using indexes. The only difference in 8i is that the index does not need to be unique any more, so that the enforcement of the constraint can be deferred.
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    What I intended to inform you was we could have a table and its PK index in one storage place. This can be achieved through Index Organized table.
    Index-organized tables are like regular tables with a primary key index on one or more of its columns. However, instead of maintaining two separate storage spaces for the table and B*tree index, an index-organized table only maintains a single B*tree index containing the primary key of the table and other column values.

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