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Thread: Steps for Table Partition and Index partition

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    Sorry, I have 2 such tables, and the records in each are around 10 Million .

    Please help me.


    I have a table which has reletively huge number of records (around 20Million). The table has the data for two companies ( "H" for HLP , "E" from entex)
    I have to do a lot of updates and deletes into these tables on the daily basis for both the companies.

    I have decided to go by the partitioning of the table on the company column.

    I have to decide the better way of doing the partitioning (Range or Hash) and the step, I need to do the partitioning.
    (If possible step by step). Also let me know if I can add another partition later on(In case of a third company).

    I would realy appreciate your advise and guidelines

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    The answer to your question on partitioning is possible. For detailes on how to perform an index or table level partitions refer [url]http://technet.oracle.com[/url] or the oracle magazine site that had an article on how to partition tables a step by step.

    Since the concept is pretty wide, it is beyond the scope of explaining here.


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