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Thread: using db_config assistant

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    im trying to create database using db config assistant
    when i enter the required option and creating database is in progress....but i always stuck right on the middle of progress
    about 70% is done...and its stop right there...
    ...is there anything that i need to set before create a new database or i just did it wrong
    ...i select typical(recomended)
    ...then hybrid for both OLTP & DSS
    ...i select create new database files not the default option

    default option=> (copying existing db files from cd)which is i dont have that y i pick the second option
    ...everything goes fine until it reach 70% of progress then get hang in there

    please help

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    The problem may be Either you have run out of memory or you have run out disk space.
    I recommend delete the existing uncreated Database manually. Using dbassist create the database creation scripts and try running them manually one after another. You will be able to pin point your error

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