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Thread: Windows ME issue with 8.1.6

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    I am working with a friend of mine to install Oracle 8.1.6 client on Windows ME. Don't laugh, he is insistant on having that stupid movie creater and the MSN online games. I didn't get as far as the Source/Destination screen and I got a "Could not read or write to the source or destination" error. The problem was though.... the source and destination were both default values... and both valid drives and directories.

    Any comments on this issue would be appreciated.

    What are people's opinions regarding Windows ME in general?
    Chester Ney
    CODY Computer Services
    System DBA

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    I've tried installing 8i on ME but I was not able to do it, please let me know as well if you can install it sucssesfully.

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    You will not be able to install any Program designed for NT on ME, but you can install Windows 98 editions on ME.

    By Oracle, this is under consideration to have Programs for ME edition as well.

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    I was installing the Oracle 8.1.6 win98/95 client on this machine. It was not the NT version.

    So what you are saying is, that currently, Oracle does not support Windows ME. But plans on releasing a supported version of Oracle int he future.
    Chester Ney
    CODY Computer Services
    System DBA

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