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Thread: help again

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    Dear all,
    I’m fog2k. I’m newbie. If you ever read my topic post, you may think I’m crazy and stupid. Sorry about that but I really want your help. I read my book, I think it’s a good book but I can’t arrange my mind from it. I get an idea when I read the book. I try to do from suggestion but failed. What I forgot? Many questions are in my little head. So that PLEASE HELP ME again and again, don’t boring please. (Oracle 8I 8.1.6)

    Now I start my question.
    The point is “I want create a group of table that own by a new user. How should I do?”

    I login to enterprise manager with SYSMAN. What’re things that SYSMAN owned? If I create table who own it?

    Can Enterprise Manager be login by another login name except SYSMAN? I think I should create new user. What’re roles that grant to?

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    I would advise to typin the commands to practice than using Enterprize Manager. That way you know what you are doing and syntax also rather just select and click in OEM to get the task done.

    SYSMAN is superuser for OEM like sys and system oracle database.

    If you login as XYZ, and you do have permissions to create table and tables you create will be under the ownership of XYZ. Obviously to create table user needs to 'CREATE TABLE' privilege which you have to grant when you create user 'XYZ'.

    You create users XYZ and ABC and give login privileges to Enterprize Manager. You can login as XYZ?ABC as long as you know the password for those users.

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    First of all, do not use the Enterprize Managerif you ar a begginer! better use cmand line first to gain the understanding of it all.

    second, look at te oracle documentation. you will find there how to:
    1. create a new user (like sysman, only you need to create a new user without sysadmin priveleges). look at the grant part in te documentation very carfuly, and read it more then once. i know i had t read it more ten once until i could master the thing... first better not craate a new tablespace or datafile! eter use user_data tabel space.

    2. create a new object, be it a table. index, procedur, function ... . when you whant to create a new object unfder your new user you need to connect user_name/password@...
    and only then create the object! remmeber you need to think on a lt of parameters when you create a ew object, must of them will not be so clear at first, read, read and hen read again the documentation, and then ask again and again. this i te only way to learn!!! i sometims post questions n this forum that later i'm thinking way havent i look at the doc mysef first, or what the ... i was thinking f at thatpoint? it is ok! it happens to all of us

    3. if you need o access the abject from a different user, you need to "grant" the object priveleges to another user. readabout that in the oracle i documentation.

    as you can see you have a lot to read! and do not warry, it'll take you a long time to master it all, i know i still have alot to learn.

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    Thanks for Advise.
    I will try with command line.
    And I will be back if problem occurs.

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