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Thread: Mount Point on unix

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    May 2000
    fremont ca
    I am trying to install oracle. i want to create mount point.
    How can I create in unix sun ver 8.0
    I am not unix admin.
    Please help

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    I would recommend you to get the Unix admin behind you.
    A mount point is simply a directory so:
    $ mkdir /u01
    It's a good mount point , BUT you will be using the space of root "/"
    It's hard to explain a lot of things that's why you must ask your sysadmin to create you a mount point at least 2Gigabytes big.
    Ramon Caballero, DBA, rcaballe@yahoo.com

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    Feb 2001
    I agree with ramon

    You can pretty much screw up the whole disk if you dont know what they are.. Please contact a Sysadmin

    If you are very familiar with Unix and just want some help in creating some mounts off of a new disk etc., check the sun docs at [url]http://docs.sun.com/[/url]

    Hope that helps


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