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Thread: database connection over telephonic leased line

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    I have a multi user client server application. I am using Visual Basic 6.0 as a front end and Oracle 8i (Enterprise Edition) as server. I want the data to updated directly to my server, which is connected to the client machine over a private 64 Kbps telephonic leased line.
    I am also having Oracle 8i (Workgroup Edition) at my client. The is if due to some reason the leased line is down the data should be saved at client machine.

    How should i connect to the server database ?
    How should i transfer the data directly from client database to the server database as soon as the leased line is up?

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    From Visual Basic I'm pretty sure your only way to connect to the database is through ODBC.

    As far as your second question goes, I suppose you would have to build the logic into your application. First check the connection, if it's bad, save it on the client side however you want. Then periodically poll to see if the connection is good (not sure what that entails in VB, maybe you have to try to re-create the connection). Next time you check and the connection is live, and there is stuff stored on the client side, upload it.

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    database connection over a telephonic leased line

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your reply.

    I have a another query ...

    The data is stored temporiarly in a temporiarly tables in the client's machine. This data is updated to the server database as you know.

    How to replicate the data from the server database to all my 10 client database ?

    Pls help as soon as possible

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