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    I'm about to make an web site that needs a database to store some infomation. Gonna use windows platform, either Nt 4.0 or advaced server and asp coding. I'm looking for and objective reason why I should use Oracle instead of Sql server.



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    You have an answer for WHY you are using SQL server instead of "MySQL" or "Sybase" or "Universal Database DB2" or "Microsoft Access" Blah Blah..

    Its your preference, application requirement, integration easyness, capacity thru put, scalability Blah Blah...

    Hope you got it what I mean. Absolutely there is no reason for you to use "Oracle".

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    just use any you think you are confortable with, if you dont wanna administer a database get sql server

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    Use the one you are most comfortable with. I can give you the regular mumbo jumbo about scalability, speed etc., but it doesnt matter for small to mid sized applications.

    If you are an existing oracle shop, it does not help going with SQL server, but if you are starting out new it does not matter

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    It also depends on the apps. you will run for the webserver.
    Oracle is available on several platforms and has the more options in terms of developement. I'm mostly anti-ms because
    alot development is properitary or includes a hell of a lot of
    setup to get it working and still lacks any performance & scalibility..

    my 2 cents

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