Hi Everyone, I am Emmanuel Katto. I'm responsible for implementing security measures for our organization's sensitive data. We're using Oracle Database 19c and want to implement row-level security (RLS) to control access to sensitive data based on user roles. Additionally, we need to encrypt specific columns in our tables to protect sensitive data.

I've been tasked with implementing RLS using Oracle's fine-grained access control (FGAC) feature and column-level encryption using Oracle's Advanced Security Option (ASO). However, I'm struggling to understand how to effectively implement these features and ensure they work together seamlessly.

Can someone provide guidance on:

  • Configuring FGAC to implement row-level security based on user roles
  • Encrypting specific columns in tables using ASO
  • Ensuring FGAC and ASO work together correctly to provide end-to-end encryption and secure access control

Emmanuel Katto