Hi, lay person here who was told someone on this forum might be able to answer my questions for me.

I'm looking for some advice on getting old text messages back for two separate situations. It may be impossible, but they're important to me so I would like to try.

First, I have an old phone with a broken screen. There's a text thread I'd like to pull from it. I tried downloading some services like Dr. Fone to retrieve them, but it's a government phone, a Moxee m2160 MH-T6000, and none of those work with that phone. How can I connect my phone to my laptop to use my laptop as the phone screen?

The second issue is a bit more tricky. I don't have the same phone or phone number, but I think at least some of the text messages may have been saved to my google account, and I still have the same one. This is extra tricky, because the messages I want from this time period, I was deleting them off this phone before I lost it. Like I said, probably impossible, but they're important so I want to try. If this is at all possible, where do I start trying?

Bonus question, I want to go back about a year in a text message thread on an android phone. Is there a faster way to navigate this in the messages app, or maybe a way to export the text thread as a .xml or .doc file?

Thank you for your patience with my ignorance.