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Thread: orcl default database

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    HI Avisors,

    i have uninstalled oracle 805. after installation our project wants us let the installer create the default database-orcl with scott/tiger. and use this intance for administration of the custom database to be created.

    unistallation completed. installation installed successfully oracle 805 enterprise edition.

    to install oem we are creating the oem tablespace and user to won the repository.

    in sql plus we were unable to create the the oem tablespace bcos each time we tried it it would not create because of we believe we do not have the right datafile name or the right default tablepace and temporary tablespace names right since we did not create them.
    we did several things using dba_tablespace , dba_datafile, etc..

    what datafile should specify in the create tablespace oem_repository.

    can someone point me to the right create tablespace code and also create user to own oem code

    we had given orcl the alias 'oem' as service name . and also configured the listener and tns names. now we arre in the process of bringing orcl database into oem. but first we need to tablespace for the oem repository tables and the owner-of oem.

    help, i hope i made myself clear. Stuck in middle of project.

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    you don't need a special tablespace for OEM repository
    just create a tablespace and a user.

    create tablespace REPOSITORY datafile '%ORACLE_HOME/database/repository_01.dbf' size 40M
    default storage (initial 64k next 64k pctincrease 0);

    create user OEM identified by OEM default tablespace REPOSITORY temporary tablespace TEMP profile default account unlock;

    grant connect,resource,dba to OEM;

    run the repository manager and enter the new user's credentials.

    enjoy ....

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