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Thread: How restart Oracle Database with OL8 Server Reboot

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    Sep 2022

    How restart Oracle Database with OL8 Server Reboot

    I'd like to Know how the Oracle database and listener can automatically shutdown and startup when the server reboots.

    [oracle@ ~]# cat /etc/oratab


    #Oracle Version (Single Instance)
    Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Version

    #OS Version
    [oracle@ ~]$ cat /etc/os-release
    NAME="Oracle Linux Server"
    PRETTY_NAME="Oracle Linux Server 8.6"

    What are the steps to restart automatically Oracle Database when the server reboots?

    Thanks in Advance!

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    Apr 2023
    Well, particulerly since you're on Linux, I recommend using ASM to mnage the disks, becuase when you install ASM/Grid, you get Oracle Restart included, which is essentially the single instance version of clusterware.

    There may be a bit of a learning curve, but you get the advantages of Oracle Restart, and the benefits of ASM/ASM Filter Driver.

    If you *really* are determined to not use ASM, it is possible to use Oracle Restart without ASM. I have never done it, so I can't really speak to how it works, but I found this blog about how to do it:

    I've never done it, so I can't recommend it, but it is apparently possible.

    I recommend using ASM.

    Hope that helps,


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