sorry if this sounds stupid but I am hoping someone can help me make sense of this. I have the following -

19c database patched to
rman client version

I want to run a backup connected to the catalog but the current DBA wont let me because they say it will corrupt the entire rman catalog.

The catalog is currently this -
19c recovery catalog database at
schema version at

Could someone please help me clarify my understanding here. Even though the schema version, the recovery catalog version, and the target database where rman is doing the backup are all 19.x that they are not compatible? Is it true that you can not back up a 19.15 client using the catalog until the schema is at the same or higher level than 19.15?

That may be the case. But just looking for some validation. I looked all over Oracle support and found nothing to support what the dba is telling me. any help appreciated. Sorry if this is a really stupid question that pisses people off.