I was looking for a solution to the problem I am having on Oracle 8.1.6 version on NT 4.0 service pack 6. I have perl script which checks a control file and runs sqlloader and then runs a sqlplus procedure. The first step (sqlloader) works fine, and when the sqlplus procedure is executed it just sits their does nothing. I have used oracle dba studio GUI and checked to see which sql statment is it running.

When my sql plus procedure is invoked, I get the rowid from the control file and pass that as a parameter to my sql plus procedure. But before that I update the same record for some flags using ODBC in perl and I do have a commit after the update. The SQL plus code is supposed to go the control file using the rowid and get additional fields to process. The statement that it is waiting on when I look at the DBA studio is that sql statement. This process is stuck and I have let it sit overnight. CAN ONE OF U HELP ME.

I did a v$lock file look up and I see that ctime is 10025, and on ID1 i have a number and their is a tx and tm type locks. How do I rest this so the process continues.

The catch is that some other process works o.k. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED.THANKS FOR TAKING TIME TO HELP.