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Thread: Dataguard replication between AWS and Azure

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    Dataguard replication between AWS and Azure

    If i have Primary DB in AWS and secondary in Azure, can i use Dataguard to replicate the database between AWS and Azure? will dataguard work between two different cloud provider(AWS and AZure)


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    I have not done it, but sounds logical and should work. Are the servers in those two environment connected by private link?

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    Replicating a database between AWS and Azure using DataGuard sounds like an interesting idea. While I haven't personally done it, it seems logical that it should work. However, one important factor to consider is the connectivity between the servers in both environments. Are they connected by a private link?
    If you're looking to dive deeper into AWS, I recently came across some cool AWS training courses online. They can be quite helpful for expanding your knowledge and skills. By the way, I'm new here and just browsing around, but I hope this information is useful to you. Feel free to ask for more help if needed. xx
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