Okay, so I just started using Microsoft Access last week and know virtually nothing. I have figured out a lot of stuff but now that I am getting into the SQL I am getting stuck. Currently, I have about 30 queries saved and I need an easy way for a user to select which queries they want to run and find only the records which are present in all of the selected queries.

I know how to build a query that searches the other queries and displays results the way I want. What I don't know is how to build a form that allows users to do this easily.

I was thinking it would be best to build a query that searches up to three of the other queries. The queries I want to look through could be selected by a combo box on a form. Then a button would automatically fill in the queries selected by the user and run the main query. Does anyone have an SQL template that I could use to tell access to pull a criteria from a combo box?

I am sorry if my language is incorrect. Again, I am very new and simply hoping that this is somewhat understandable.