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Thread: New user in oracle having access to all tables

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    New user in oracle having access to all tables

    I have created a new user in oracle database as follows

    create new user u1 identified by u1;
    grant create session to u1;

    when I login with new user ,it has access to all tables in other schema except system and sys tables.
    i want to create a user who does not have access to any table on any schema.
    how it can be achieved?


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    Any privilege that is granted to public is available to any user. the minimum privileges for a user are create session and connect.
    You should also make sure that O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY is set to false. otherwise ordinary users will be able to query
    data dictionary tables. Having said that there will always be tables and views that will be available to any user. For example any
    data dictionary table that starts with ALL_ or USER_.

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