I am following several notes on migrating a database from Windows to Linux. One of the notes is 1401921.1. Database is so using transportable database option.

I have copied all of the database files from Windows to the Linux server using OS commands. The System and rollback datafiles were placed in a separate directory awaiting conversion.

I nomounted the database and started rman on the Linux server.

Now trying to convert the system and rollback datafiles only since they need conversion per the MOS notes.

I am attempting to run the following command from a file:

CONVERT datafile
FROM PLATFORM 'Microsoft Windows x86 64-bit
parallelism 6;

When I run this command, I get:

RMAN> @rman_convert_datafile.sql

RMAN> CONVERT datafile
2> '/oracle/orat/convert/system.dbf',
3> '/oracle/orat/convert/system_2.dbf',
4> '/oracle/orat/convert/system_3.dbf',
5> '/oracle/orat/convert/system_4.dbf',
6> '/oracle/orat/convert/system_5.dbf',
7> '/oracle/orat/convert/rollback.dbs'
9> '/oracle/orat/convert','/oracle/orat'
10> FROM PLATFORM 'Microsoft Windows x86 64-bit
11> parallelism 6;
14> **end-of-file**

RMAN is listing the file instead of executing the commands. What am I doing wrong?