I am new to DBA and have only 4 hours to get my homework finished and am having issues getting spcreate.sql to load and the textbook we are using is wrong and the homework layout .doc we are to use is not up to data and the other students are not on Windows 10 or using a Surface and keep saying try this, that and the other thing but I am the one that has the most up to date software and system. It seems my computer is even more 21st century than the instructor and the college. Because of that no one can seem to help me. I need to use UNIX to load my spcreate.sql but it cannot find it and my path to it is: c:\app\tinam_000\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\rdbms\admin\

When I attempt to run that with sysdba as instructed, I get: invalid username / password log in denied not connected to oracle. It looks as though my oracle is all set up to use system. does that matter? do i need sysdba?