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Thread: Which Management tool

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    I just got a new job as an Oracle DBA and there is no Oracle DBA tool in place. We are in a process to decide which one we should buy. The only one I ever used us Oracle Enterprise Manager but I don't know if there could be better tools in the market .. we Currently have Oracle 7.3.4 and there will be future plans for upgrades ... any reasonable recommendations will be appreciated.


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    It's just not procuring a tool. OEM is the best answer as it is reliable and closely bound with oracle. I would suggest you to stay with OEM.


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    How much money you have ? How critical databases you maintain ? What are the pains you had having OEM also. How DBAfriendly OEM was ? Try answering these kinda Questions and try visiting BMC Tools, Embarcedro tools, Platinum Tools and Precise Tools sites and see what they are talking about.

    Call those companies ask some brochures and sit for an hour referring their product information, prices and analyze your business critical situations you have experienced before and relate how these products would have helped in those situations and how quickly one can resolve/avoid that kinda situation using those products.

    And go have a cup of a coffee, the decision might have been there already in your mind by that time.

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