I have written ORACLE script to csv format. out put goes to excel sheet.
SPOOL /pal/out/report.csv
pl see code bellow.

cd /pal/out

awk 'BEGIN{
print ""
printf ""
printf "", $i
print ""
print "
' report.csv > report.xls
mailx -a "report.xls" -s "report" "firstname.lastname@abc.com"
when i run this script, i got outout
first column job name is too long. i can 75 char long. what happen in excel after 50 char it goes to 2nd line. It is not looks good.
I want whole job name is one long column. But is going to 2nd line after 34 char. I do not know why it is doing .
I want whole job name 75 char in one ling. pl help


col1 col2 col3
job name date system name

abc.efg.xxxx.aaaaa 12-11-15 unixsystem

bvc.hyd.xxxxxx.ttttt. 12-11-15 unixsystem

pl see example above

2nd row in excel sheet job name is goes 2nd line after this "bvc.hyd.xxxxxx.ttttt." but, i want all in one line like "bvc.hyd.xxxxxx.ttttt.bbbb.xxxxnvvv"

pl help.

how do i change column length through above script.
pl help