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Thread: AL32UTF8 Error during RCU installtion - Oracle 12c Forms&Reports

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    Question AL32UTF8 Error during RCU installtion - Oracle 12c Forms&Reports

    Hi all,

    I am in the midway of Installing/Configuring Oracle 12c with Forms and Reports.

    OS : Win 10

    1.Installed Oracle Database 12c

    2. Installed JDK - jdk-8u77-windows-x64

    2. Installed WLS_Infrastructure

    3.Installed Forms and Reports

    4. In the process of Running RCU.BAT

    It shows error saying "Oracle strongly recommends AL32UTF8 CharSet. Modify the Database."
    If I ignore and run , it ended up with the same error.

    Oracle Database and Oracle Forms are installed in the same Home. Is there any way to modify the CharSet without dropping the database?

    Pls guide.


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    It would help to know what character set you are using. There are well documented methods of converting from one character set to another. But for anything after 9i you are probably better off just using UTF8. Run the following query and look for NLS_CHARACTERSET to see what characterset you are using. Also there is a link on how to migrate to unicode.

    col PARAMETER format a23
    col VALUE format a28
    select * from V$NLS_PARAMETERS order by 1;
    Database Migration Assistant for Unicode Guide

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    Current Character Set is " WE8MSWIN1252 ".

    Is Oracle 12c strongly recommending AL32UTF8 CharSet for RCU installation ?

    I have done Oracle 12c and Forms installation in the same Home folder. Is there any easy way of converting the CharSet?

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