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Thread: Question concerning "mock" downloadable, "large" database instances online.

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    Question concerning "mock" downloadable, "large" database instances online.

    Good afternoon everyone,

    Real quick and simple question.... Does anyone know of any LARGE(I would at least several hundred megabytes - preferably a TB or more), downloadable, Oracle "physical databases" - that might be available, anywhere?

    The use case behind why I am requesting this, is for internal testing of a few backup and storage appliances. With databases of this size, we would like to run some complex READ/WRITESAN and a few BACKUP/RESTORE tests, against very large datasets, and I personally haven't been able to find a database even close to the size that we need.

    Any thoughts? Am I looking for something that just isn't realistic?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Why don't you just clone one of your production databases to a test server and work with that?

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