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Thread: Database hanging during insert

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    Jan 2001
    Noboby else is using this data.

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    I'm kinda out of ideas for you. You could kill the session and retry the job, but as they say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
    John Doyle

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    How do you know that, it is not doing anything. Open another SQL session and count the number of rows in that table. If it is still hanging, may be you need to kill the session. You will be able to see those rows if you are committing for x number of rows.
    Kishore Kumar

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    Dec 2000
    Assuming that you are running archivelog mode:

    Check to see if your archive log directory is full. (df -k .)
    make sure you have enough space available to create additional files.

    The view v$log_history should tell you the frequency of log switch
    if you are generating too many log files it is possible that your archiver
    process is unable to keep up with the load. If you check the v$log
    and see all of them as active or current you should consider either
    increasing the size of your redo logs or create more redo groups.

    Hope it helps.


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