Hi everyone, my name is Jack and I am new to the forums here. I have gone through and read through the "how to ask a question" thread a bit, and still find myself a bit confused on a few things:


After searching through this site as well as other DBA forums, I am still a bit unclear as to the specific approach to take with my education of some of these concepts. To elaborate, (and to provide some background about myself without turning this into an essay)... I'm 26, a helpdesk/Jr. Sys admin for a healthcare firm in the bay area and have no experience whatsoever in DB or SQL. I am FINALLY returning to school in Fall '15 to complete my BS in MIS and would like to start my journey into one day becoming an Oracle DBA. Today is day #1, I'm very excited and I just installed 11g2:

Question: I've read in some of these forums that the best starting point is to review the Oracle DB Documentation Database,specifically the "DBA essentials" section, which I have been. What about SQL? I know there are a few good websites with some awesome SQL beginner resources, but should I focus solely on Oracle DB before I move onto learning SQL?

I hate, hate HATE to be that guy that looks like he didn't use the search feature as I am member of some other forums and feel the pain, but I truly appreciate any feedback/guidance that any of you guru's may be able to provide.

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