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Thread: NT service&db ???

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    I using oracle8.1.6 on NT.
    the problem is every day I have to stop my oracle service and restart is again in order for me access the database.
    I've checked NT event viewer and the only message I get
    is 'service shutdown unexpectedly'. and There is no jobs running scripts to shutdown the services.

    is it from the database or NT???any idea on why is this happining ??? are there tables
    in the database that store information about these kind of errors ????

    thanks in advance,

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    Look at the alertSID.ora and trace files in your background dump destination directory. If you don't know where this directory is, find it with this select:

    SELECT value FROM v$parameter WHERE name = 'background_dump_dest';

    Jurij Modic
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    Check alert log and trace files for errors relating to the unexpected shutdown.

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