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Thread: conceptual erd model

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    Question conceptual erd model

    Hello guys,

    I am studding a basic course of database and I was asked to do a project which I could not start because of conceptual erd model.

    the project asks to create a conceptual and logical ERD diagrams first before moving on to scripts, but i could not translate the text to entities, or well In the questions it says i should have at least 8 entities but i got 6..
    if you can help me i would be glad...

    here is the question..

    Future Events Management
    Future Events Management is a company based in Bahrain which specialises in organising events around the Kingdom of Bahrain. This includes a wide range of event types, from conferences to music concerts. Once an event is under their management, details of the event are recorded. The event always has a representative (agent) who will work with the management company to coordinate the event. Different events can take place in different locations around Bahrain. An event venue can host different events but not at the same time. Employees of the events management company can work on different events at the same time. Events may be sponsored by sponsors, for example, Batelco and Gulf Air. To sponsor an event, a sponsor should choose a sponsor “package”.
    The packages involve different benefits for the sponsor and there are three options to choose from which carry a cost.
    The packages available are:
    i. Bronze package - includes poster advertising, brand displayed in various locations. It costs 5000BD.
    ii. Silver package - includes various advertising in different forms, access to VIP areas, brand displayed in many places. It costs 8000BD.
    iii. Gold package – includes advertising in various locations, brand displayed in all multimedia coverage including TV advertisements. Access to all VIP areas. It costs 10000BD.

    At the moment, all of this information is recorded manually and it is becoming unmanageable. Therefore, the company wants to create a database which will be used to store past and future events electronically. The following must be considered in your design for the Future Events Management database:
    • Storing each event with a description. For example; Formula 1 or Placido Domingo: Live in Bahrain.
    • Dealing with different types of events. For example; conferences, music concerts, etc.
    • Each event has one agent who acts on behalf of the event and works with Future Events Management to coordinate the event.
    • Events take place at different venues in various locations in Bahrain.
    • The company has several employees and an employee can be working on more than one event at any time.
    • Events can be sponsored by charities, companies or individual people.
    • Sponsors can choose different sponsor packages at various costs: bronze, silver or gold.
    Bachelor of Information Communications Technology Page 4 of 8

    Question. create Conceptual ERD model diagram..
    In this diagram you should include only: entity names, primary key attributes for each entity, relationships between each entity and cardinality (e.g. 1:M, M:N, 1:1) of each relationship.
    At this stage you should include at least 8 entities.
    thanks alot,

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    we would appreciate if you could start by showing us which Entities have you already identified and how they relate to each other.
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