How to enable SSL in Oracle on Windows 2008 R2 SP1 server?

(Posting again (newbie) as the first submit asked me to log in again, and text was lost - I guess - sorry if double post)


I just been thrown into a situation with Windows 2008 R2 SP1 server and Oracle DB Enterpris Edition - Server class needs to have SSL enabled.

Finally discovered in Advanced Security Admin Guide information/steps. Leading to Net Services Admin Guide. Using Database Control (Enterprise Manager), Net Manage, and Wallet Manager. Exported cert request to CA, got response, imported to Wallet. Got Net Manage to config SSL/Encryption/Listener TCPS port 2484.

However, Chap 9 of Net Services Adm Guide, page 9-4 claims I must launch enterprise manager (database control) general/home page, click link next to 'Listener', click 'Edit' (login again w/Host username/pswd) then in "the Address section, configure protocol support: Click ADD and ...

"select the protocol on which the listener is configured to listen.... i.e., TCP/IP with SSL"

However, once you login to DB again (after clicking Edit Listener) i'm returned to the same page and ...
can't "select the protocol on which the listener is..."

Have spent days getting here, now stuck. Called Oracle support phones, what a joke, they never answer. Sent email to "open case" to online email address, not response!