Combine columns from two select statements to one table

1. statement
Select Sum (Brutto) as B1, Sum (Netto) as N1
FROM Table 1
where ORDER_DATE between '19.09.11' and '19.12.11'

2. statement
Select Sum (Brutto) as B2, Sum (Netto) as N2
FROM Table 1
where ORDER_DATE > trunc(add_months(sysdate,-3))

Example for output statement 1
B1 N1
1658,89 1522,12

Example output statement 2
B2 N2
3256,45 2358,56

Question: how to combine both statements into one output?
B1 N1 B2 N2
1658,89 1522,12 3256,45 2358,56

Note: the two resulting tables do not have a column in common; thus one cannot use use a join - correct?

Thanks for your help!