Dear all,

I've been experiencing problem on the mutualization of a database server (i.e. migrating two databases on the same server).

I've done it several times with no problem (for less resource-demanding applications though).

This time, I've increased CPU (2-> 4), enabled instance caging, increased physical memory and also MEMORY_TARGET for both databases (leaving 2G for system).

Nevertheless, sometimes there's heavy swapping and also 20%-30% of CPU Wait (as I can see in VMSTAT), with CPU queues and everything (of course, application performance is degraded).

Does anyone know if:

- AMM (Automatic Memory Management) is less recommended than HugePages+ASMM for mutualized servers (MEMORY_TARGET not bigger than 3G for each base)?
- Do I need to leave more than 2G of memory to system?

Linux SUSE 2.6 VMWare-based

Thanks a lot