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Thread: New database Question

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    Hello Friends

    There is query related to handling multiple databases.
    I have created a new database on Oracel8i (Windows Nt)
    apart from my default database using DBCA.

    My problem is when I am DOS prompt I am able to work on
    the new database saying SET ORACLE_SID=NEWDB. However
    when I run the SQL from windows and enters databse name
    in the HOST STRING block ,it does not connect it gives
    me TIMEOUT error. Earlier I have posted this question
    and got the replies to modify SQLNET.ORA file and also
    to set the TIMEOUT but these things are not working.
    There are only two parameters AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES and
    correctly setup. DO I have to make any change in the Initial
    parameter file of new database. I have also set the parameter
    ORACLE_TRACE_ENABLE=TRUE. Still it is giving "TNS operation
    timed out". Can you please tell me what's the problem and where
    to change it correctly.


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    Hello Amol,

    I too am trying to configure two database at my end. Today I was able to just create the two databases. Will you please send me the tnsnames.ora so as to know what all is required to to be done here at my end.
    Please!!...I will be highly obliged.


    email: toshruti@yahoo.co.uk

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    Whats goin on here. First Clarify me.

    Are you trying SQL*Plus from Server Binaries Or Client Binaries. It works diffrently.

    For client Binaries, You will use tnsnames.ora and make sure that you have your net service name defined there in order to login.

    For server binaries, If you have listener service running and if you set the sid name and try to login it should work. If server manager works after setting ORACLE_SID=xyz, SQL*Plus should also work.

    Check for tnsnames.ora and listener service whichever appropriate for your situation and see if it works, otherwise post back your tnnames.ora and listener.ora where you have entry for the SID you are trying to connect.

    good luck

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    Post your listener and server side tnsnames.ora files here. Problem is not in your sqlnet.ora file most likely.

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    I am on Server only where my oracle is installed and I have created the new database locally apart from default database. Now my sqlnet.ora contains only following 4 lines.
    # SQLNET.ORA Network Configuration File: D:\Oracle\Ora81\network\admin\sqlnet.ora
    # Generated by Oracle configuration tools.



    here i would like to know if i have modify the tnsnames, onames, hostname parameters here.
    The reason Why I said that my tnsnames.ora file is correct that I have remote database in other city to which I am able to connect from my local machine and for these I just have to modify my tnsnames.ora file on local database. I have created an alias with giving host, port, sid and it's working. When I created the new database using DBCA the DBCA itself updated the file tnsnames.ora and added a new alias which has the similar structure of taht of prevous one. If I run sqlplus from menu in the windows I am able to connect to my default database and also to my remote database by specifying the alias name in the HOST STRING, but not to the new database on my local machine . There have to go to DOS prompt and give the command SET ORACLE_SID=GTDB. But If I use the same string in HOST STRING then it's not connecting and giving Operation timed out.


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    First setup your tnsnames.ora on sever and make an entry for the new database created and see it works. Iam not sure in unix there is a two_task(defaulted alias in the environment) paramater, if it exist in NT also, you might need to unset this parameter. This causes some problem.

    See this works. It should work.

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