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Thread: How to populate oracle table?

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    How to populate oracle table?

    hi, I'm newbie programmer and very new in oracle.
    My first project is to create table in oracle database and then access it.
    I already created a table, now my question is how to populate the table I just created? " I need to populate it with csv files"
    Will someone please help me figure this out? If somebody would, would you please explain it to me step by step. Thanks in advance

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    You have two basic options to complete this homework assignment.
    You can use SQL Loader or you can create and external table.




    Creating an external table uses the SQL loader utility, but it allows you to query the external table as well as pull data from it.

    Good Luck, and make sure that you put my name on you assignment when you turn it in so that I can get credit.

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