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Thread: How to sudo in GRID Control

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    How to sudo in GRID Control

    I'm running Oracle database on Linux Redhat 2.6.18-x86-64

    We have a user, Grid for the Oracle GRID Control and our daily jobs are scheduled on the GRID Control. But the scripts, owned by Oracle are on the servers and we want to run the jobs as Oracle.

    On the GRID Control, we "sudo Oracle" to run the jobs but get the below error. I need your input on how to resolve this and perhaps, to set up sudo on GRID.

    stty: : Invalid argument
    stty: : Invalid argument
    Must be attached to terminal for 'am I' option



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    You should set up "preferred credentials" for that host for the "oracle" account.

    Top right hand menu -> Preferences -> Preferred Credentials
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    I reset the PAM_Tally for the user Oracle on the server and then update the SUDO on Grid:

    Setup>Manage Privilege Delegation Setings>Edit>SUDO>add this line: '/usr/local/bin/sudo su - %RUNAS%'

    The jobs are running flawlessly.

    Thanks for your help!
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